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We use wood that has come from trees felled in the London area, as well as trees grown elsewhere in the UK. 


Some time in the 1780s Plane Trees (Platanus x Acerifolia) were planted in St James' Gardens in central London (near to the present day Euston Station).

They grew there for a couple of centuries leading happy tree lives and witnessing the sights and sounds of one of the world's great capitals - until the gardens were bulldozed recently for the development of the HS2 rail project.

Luckily, some of London's history lives on now in some of our new guitar bodies - because we've chosen to use timber from the felled trees of St James' Gardens in our SC, IC and T-type designs.

And we think this is a pretty big deal!

To paraphrase Bladerunner, these trees "have heard things you people wouldn't believe..." Just imagine what they've lived through and the sounds that have reverberated in their trunks:  the funeral of Nelson, the coronation of Victoria, the last Thames Frost Fair, the first University Boat Race, the opening of nearby Regents Park, the building of Westminster and Tower Bridge.... the news sellers announcing the trail of Oscar Wilde, the murders of Jack The Ripper, the publication of Dickens' A Christmas Carol and then another new century; the sinking of the Titanic, the first aircraft to fly over the city; the outbreak of World War I; then the sirens and explosions of the London Blitz in 1940, the building and post war expansion of the city in the baby boom years and the 1960s - and every single notable and everyday event that happened in the capital and the local area in the 20th Century!"


We also use other species of wood, including chestnut, pear, cherry and ash, for our guitar bodies - all from sustainable sources.


We use other woods which aren't indigenous to the UK (like Ebony and Rosewood) from other worldwide sources, usually in guitar necks.



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