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The SC is our Single Cutaway design - our standard, no-nonsense rock guitar.

You can buy an SC in any of our normal body styles and in a choice of different solid woods and finishes. In the basic spec, SCs all have a wraparound bridge for better playability and either single or double Irongear pickups.

Prices start at around £1100 (-10% with student discount) for a solid Tulip Wood or Lime Wood body in our 'standard' body style, which has no front or rear contours or added top, with a single Iron Gear Dirty Torque or Tesla Shark pick-up.


Unique, figured tone wood bodies or tops add between £150 and £500 to the basic cost of the instrument - visit the Shop page for more information on the body wood and top combinations we currently have available, or email us for details of the look / wood you'd like for your guitar. We can source completely individual top and body woods especially for your guitar.

Sample video of the Gowen SCi in London Plane, single Irongear Dirty Torque pickup, Blackstar ID Core 100 amp. Performed by Lucy Gowen

SC Standard Specification

Single cutaway body with either single or twin humbuckers, finished in a hand rubbed oil finish.

  • Gotoh 510UB Wraparound Bridge

  • Optional front/ rear contours

  • Schaller straplock buttons


  • All CTS switches and pots

  • Irongear Dirty Torque Humbucker in Bridge position and optional Irongear Blues Engine in Neck Position or Irongear Tesla Sharks set

  • Separate volume and Tone controls for each pickup

  • Options for coil tapping (Standard Body Style only)

  • Optional bridge pickup surround on-board tuner


  • Bolt-on Maple/Mahogany neck, Rosewood /Ebony fretboard, dotted or trapezoid fret markers

  • 628mm scale length

  • Medium-jumbo sized frets

  • Chrome Gotoh machine heads

  • ​Silver 1914 threepence inlaid in truss rod cover

Enquiries about this guitar -  please email us here or visit the shop.

Model History

We first built our SC design in 2018, using offcuts of London Plane trees that had been felled during the clearing of St James Gardens London, in preparation for the expansion of London Euston Station. St James Gardens had originally been planned and planted in the late 1780s, and our supplier has a large stock of 200 year old London Plane timber.


Our goal was to create a smaller, more compact single cutaway design, with a flat top and back, which could be offered at a range of price points.

Our original SC(i) in 2018 had a 35mm, thin, 2-piece body which tapered towards the neck pocket, and a set neck. We had been experimenting with alternatives to the standard separate bridge and tailpiece configuration and opted for the Gotoh 510UB Wraparound bridge, to improve playability and clean up the aesthetics of the guitar top. So far we've been very pleased with the results and plan to include these bridges on future builds.

In 2020 we updated the body shape of our SC design, to include a more pronounced curve on the lower horn and decrease the waist of the guitar body. We also added a deeper round-over to the body edges. For increased flexibility and to aid future instrument set-ups, the SCii now has a bolt-on neck and  a choice or either Grover or Gotoh machine heads. 

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